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Two by Two Costume Rentals

A biblical musical set before, during and after The Flood
Peter Stone, book; Martin Charnin, lyrics; Richard Rogers, music


"The Flowering Peach" by Clifford Odets


pairs of animals!

Plot Synopsis

The story of Noah, who hears the voice of God telling him the world is coming to an end, and his family and their efforts in building the ark, getting the animals on board, surviving the flood, sending a dove off in search of dry land. The dove returns with an olive branch and Noah shows it to a dying Esther protesting that God won't let anything happen to her. He begs her to get well but she dies in his arms and he tearfully grants her last request by asking God to sanctify the children's marriages. Atop Mt. Ararat, the children leave the ark saying goodbye to Noah. Left alone, he bargains with God for a sign that the world will be left in man's hands.