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Seventeen Seventy-six (1776) Costume Rentals

An historically based concept musical set in Philadelphia in 1776
Peter Stone, book- Sherman Edwards, music and lyrics


A concept by Sheman Edwards

Tracy Notes About This Show

Our extensive inventory in this time period allows us to costume this show with attention to the specific background and personality of each character in a variety of sizes. We believe this show should be performed extensively evary 4 years.

Plot Synopsis

On July 4, 1776, England's American colonies declared their independence from their mother country, the first such declaration in world history. This extreme measure was the resolution of the Continental congress, a group of men representing America's thirteen separate colonies, which had convened many months before in Philadelphia to consider grievances against the British Crown and to debate a course of action. Two months before the adoption of the declaration, the majority of the delegates were still supporting reconciliation. But the perseverance of Adams, Jefferson and Franklin finally prevailed, culminating in the writing by Jefferson and the signing by all of the Declaration of Independence. This is the story of those two months.