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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Costume Rentals

dancin', stompin' book musical set in remote Oregon in the 1860's
Lawrence Kasha and David Landay, book - Johnny Mercer, lyrics - Gene de Paul, music


The MGM movie of the same name and The Sobbin' Women by Stephen Vincent Benet

Tracy Notes About This Show

Our sets of seven couples' costumes are follow the convention of rainbow colors, starting with red for Adam. This may or may not work for all casts, depending on size. Request our Showplot™ for details.

Plot Synopsis

This is the story of the seven Pontipee brothers, hankerin' after fun, fighting and frolicking in the Oregon wilderness of the 1850s. Adam, the eldest brother, marries the spunky orphan Millie and the Pontipees are shaken out of their backwoods life with a vengeance. Millie, determined to marry off her brothers-in-law to help insure the success of her own marriage, cleans them up and introduces the neighboring town to some wild Pontipee courting which shakes up all of the unattached hearts in the area. Misplaced enthusiasm causes a mass abduction of the townsfolk's daughters so that Mille has to chaperon a bevy of beautiful girls throughout the long Oregon winter until the girls' fathers come round in the spring for a mass shotgun wedding of the twelve young lovers

Thanks and Credit

Thanks for production photos courtesy of:

the Springfield Muni, Springfield, IL


Mt Vernon Township High School, IL