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Secret Garden Costume Rentals

romantic book musical with flashbacks and ghosts, set in 1906, Colonial India and Misselthwaite Manor, North Yorkshire, England
Marsha Norman, book & lyrics - Lucy Simon, music


the novel by Frances Hodgdon Burnett

Tracy Notes About This Show

this is a very beautiful story, and lovely costumes. In order to help the audience understand who is live in the story and who is appearing as a ghost, we will put your ghost characters in white, unless you tell us otherwise.

Plot Synopsis

A spoiled, lonely Mary Lennox, who, orphaned by a cholera epidemic in India, is sent to live at Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire with her Uncle Archibald. Still in mourning for his wife Lily, who died 10 years earlier in childbirth, and grief stricken for his 10 year old son, Archibald suffuses the manor with gloom and mystery. Mary discovers a secret garden, formerly Lily's, and in revitalizing it she restores life to her sick cousin and her miserable uncle.

Thanks and Credit

Thanks to Ryan Williams of C E Byrd High School, Shreveport, LA for these lovely production photos.