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Of Thee I Sing Costume Rentals

A book musical comedy set in 1930 Washington, DC
George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind, book - Ira Gershwin, lyrics - George Gershwin, music


an original concept of political satire of the US government

Tracy Notes About This Show

Many scenes, many, many costumes, from a beauty pagaent winner to the entire set of nine Supreme Court Justices! This wonderful spoof on our political system and national elections was the first musical to win a Pulitzer Prize. We think it should be performed widely every four years!

Plot Synopsis

The story covers the campaign of John P. Wintergreen for President through to his triumphant election using the slogan "Put Love in the White House". It is decided that the candidate will marry a beauty contest winner after he proposes to her in every state, but he falls in love with pretty, demure Mary Turner instead. The story also concerns the comic adventures of Alexander Throttlebottom, the new Vice President who seeks recognition. Political and legal complications add to the confusion as France is insulted because the President jilted Diana Devereaux, the Miss America contest winner (and an illegitimate relative of Napoleon) that he had promised to marry and threaten to have him impeached but Throttlebottom saves the day and agrees to wed Diana because the Constitution states "When the President of the United States is unable to fulfill his duties, his obligations are assumed by the Vice President." The First Lady further saves the day by giving birth to twins. France's honor is saved, and at the finale members of the Supreme Court sing and dance their way through important decisions.