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Mikado Costume Rentals

comic operetta spoofing village politics
William S. Gilbert, book - Arthur Sullivan, music


Tracy Notes About This Show

We offer the traditional Japanese costumes for this show, and the necessary SNICKERSNEE, SAMISENS, and FANS of different sizes. In addition, because of a directoral request at some point, we have available for cameo appearances, costumes for two Ninja warriors and two Samurai warriors. Request our Showplot™ for details and ordering.

Plot Synopsis

Nanki-Poo, scorning the delights of his father, becomes a wandering minstrel because of his love for Yum-Yum. In the town of Titipu the laws of the Mikado seem, perhaps unnecessarily strict and when he expects ro see some fruit of his legislation, Ko-Ko bribes the disguised Nanki-Poo to take the principal part in an execution after a month's wedded life with Yum-Yum. The Mikado arrives to see that his orders are carried out and finds that the victim is his only son. Thanks to typical Gilbertian gymnastics, the Mikado, Nanki-Poo and even Ko-Ko are satisfied with the odious Katisha.