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Me and My Girl Costume Rentals

A singing, tap dancing book musical comedy set in the late 1930's in Hampshire, Mayfair and Lambeth, England
L Arthur Rose, Douglas Furber, book and lyrics - Noel Gay, Music


a spoof of the aristocracy

Tracy Notes About This Show

We adore the silliness of this grand musical - especially the portraits of the ancestors in the great hall, who come alive and join our Bill in a rousing tap dance! We offer a SET OF 4 ANCESTOR PORTRAIT SCRIMS with matching ancestor costumes, and many more ancestors' period costumes per the listing in the back of the script. The CORONET AND TRICK CAPE for Bill are also available, with a rehearsal "dufer" cape for practice, and the TALKING TIGER RUG. Request our Showplot™ for details and ordering.

Plot Synopsis

In the 1930s, the Harefords, a family of haughty aristocrats, are seeking the legitimate heir to the title of Earl of Hareford. Bill Snibson, a Cockney from Lambeth is found and named as the long-lost “Earl of Hareford”. It seems that the 13th Earl had secretly and briefly wed a girl from a bad neighborhood. But Bill's rough Cockney ways do not satisfy the Will of the last Earl: In order to gain his inheritance of the title, Bill has to pass a series of tests devised by the family solicitor, Parchester. (Wiki)