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Little Shop of Horrors Costume Rentals

A book musical fable set in the early 1960's on Skid Row, New York city
Howard Ashman, book and lyrics - Alan Menken, music


1950's Roger Corman movie with screenplay by Charles Griffith

Tracy Notes About This Show

After 27 years of successful renting of 12 sets of the Audrey II man-eating plant puppets under license from the owners of the show, we made the hard decision to discontinue the offering.We were the original licensed rental source of the puppets when the show was first released in the late 1980's. Like the beginning of Act II of the show, our Audrey II inventory grew to take over our shop with 12 sets of puppets that have performed all over the world, including the first national bus and truck, and the first European tour. We still offer the costumes and smaller props for the show, and can offer help and ideas, since we have seen many clever versions of the dentist office, including using the motorcycle Orin rides in on for the dentist's chair, with drill and other accessories held in the saddlebags. Request our Showplot™ for details and referral to another source for the originals, and call to discuss your particular needs.

Plot Synopsis

Mushnik is about to close his ailing Skid Row flower shop for good, when Seymour Krelbourn, a mild-mannered clerk breeds a strange tiny plant. He names it Audrey II after flower shop salesgirl Audrey, with whom he is secretly in love, and places the plant in the shop window where it attracts paying customers. Seymour learns that the plant needs blood in order to grow and when he sees Orin, Audrey's sadistic dentist boyfriend, beat her up, Seymour kills Orin and feeds him to the plant. Mushnik makes Seymour his son when he realizes that Audrey II has attracted publicity and made them rich and famous, but when he finds out about the killing, Seymour kills Mushnik by feeding him to the plant. Soon the plant eats Audrey, and then devours Seymour. The unknowing publicity-mongers take cuttings of this mysterious plant so it can propagate and grow all over the world.

Thanks and Credit

Thanks to Colonia High School, Colonia, NJ for production photos.