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King and I Costume Rentals

historical, romantic book musical set during two years in the early 1800's in and around the King's palace, Bangkok, Siam
Oscar Hammerstein II, bookand lyrics - Richard Rodgers, music


"Anna & The King of Siam" by Margaret Landon

Tracy Notes About This Show

This show requires that there be palatial opulence in both English and Siamese costumes. Siamese wives need hoop petticoats under their western dresses in order to accomplish a "theatrical moment". Siamese children all wear tonsure bowl headpieces, which are provided as part of our costumes for them. Additionally, we offer our own latex castings of the ORIENTAL DOG MASKS, the BABY GEORGE DOLL for the ballet, and the KINGS MAP OF THE WORLD and ANNA'S MAP OF THE WORLD. We also offer appropriate Finishing Touches for this beautiful show. Request our Showplot for details.

Plot Synopsis

Recently widowed Anna Leonowens travels to Siam with her nine year old son, Louis, to accept the position of teacher to King Mongkut's many children. English bred, she is initially taken aback by the boorish Lord and Master. Slowly they get to know each other and come to understand and accept their differences. Their love story is unhappily paralleled by the doomed relationship between the young lovers, Tuptim and Lun Tha. Anna helps the King to make his country democratic and upon his death, remains to advise his successor, Prince Chululongkorn.

Thanks and Credit

production photos courtesy of Lyric Theatre, Portland, ME