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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Costume Rentals

A biblical pop musical set in Caanan many centuries ago
Tim Rice, book - Andrew Lloyd Webber, music

1973 as a full scale production, London

the Old Testament tale of Jacob and his 12 sons, and a 20-minute oratorio performed by children at a private school in London in 1968

Tracy Notes About This Show

We do not yet have the camels or the breakaway goat, but if you give us enough time, we'll do our best to accommodate! The rest of the show is available.

Plot Synopsis

Told entirely in song, this biblical tale... actually a grab-bag of rock, country, vaudeville song-and-dance, French ballad, and calypso...relates the tale of Joseph, Jacob's favorite of 12 sons, to whom papa gives a resplendent coat of many colors. Joseph's jealous brothers thereupon sell him into slavery and he is taken to Egypt where he interprets the dreams of an Elvis Presley-type Pharaoh. His wise prophecy so impresses the Pharaoh that he becomes Egypt's Number Two man and saves the country from famine.