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Jekyll & Hyde the musical Costume Rentals

book musical of historic fiction, romance and tragedy, set in 1888 in London; autumn -the 6 weeks before Jekyll's marriage to Emma
Leslie Bricusse, book; Frank Wildhorn, music


"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson

Tracy Notes About This Show

Our costumes for this show are historically accurate and quite lovely where they need to be, and seedy when appropriate. This can be a bloody show if you choose to produce it that way. If so, please let us know of your plans, so we may select costumes for you accordingly, and please, either order your blood from us or another reputable theatrical makeup supplier - don't try to use a homemade formula if you ever want to get the color out of your costumes or furniture for your next performance!

Design Elements

interior and exterior of hospital, low-life Pub, and society neighborhood all must be represented in an ongoing flow without separate scenes

Plot Synopsis

Dr. Henry Jekyll, finding that his father is trapped in madness and believing that both good and evil reside in each person, devotes his research to developing a cure for mental illness to save souls. Having been denied permission to use a hospital inmate for his experiments by the hospital Board of Governors, Jekyll tests his potion on himself, releasing his own evil side, Edward Hyde. As Hyde, he violently murders all those he considers hypocrites, especially society people who frequent brothels like the Red Rat Pub. As Jekyll he is betrothed to Emma Crewe and as his wedding guests assemble for the ceremony, Hyde emerges, and in a struggle, Hyde falls on a sword concealed in his lawyer’s cane. As Jekyll surfaces, he dies in Emma’s arms.