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Forever Plaid Costume Rentals

A comic concept musical revue set in the present (1990) in a nightclub
Stuart Ross, book - Various artists, music & lyrics


spoofing the musical culture of teens in the 1950's, the Ed Sullivan Show, and many other cultural icons of the time.

Tracy Notes About This Show

Our bright plaid jackets are a perennial favorite among our customers who regularly bring back this show because of its popularity. We made them in a range of sizes, to a period pattern, to give that correct, boxy, look of the late 1950's. We made the plaid accessories, and then the COMPLETE PROP PACKAGE (minus the pyro), since there are so many props and they are so essential to the silliness of this show. Request our Showplot™ to learn more about what is available if you are producing this show. We have also included a detail "swatch" of the plaid fabric for your set designer.

Plot Synopsis

The Plaids, a semi-professional harmony group, are on their way to their first big singing gig in their cherry red 1954 Mercury convertible. They are hit broadside by a school bus filled with teenagers going to watch the Beatles make their American television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. The teens miraculously escape but the Plaids are killed instantly just before they are about to pick up their Plaid performance jackets. Their restless souls keep singing and cause a para-psychic event which returns them to earth for one last chance to perform. At the end of the evening, their beautiful new Plaid jackets are mysteriously delivered in time for the big finale.