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Follies Costume Rentals

A look-back musical set in tonight (1971) on the stage of Weissman's theatre
James Goldman, book - Stephen Sondheim, music, lyrics


Tracy Notes About This Show

We offer the Loveland showgirls costumes for this production, and the "mirror" show costumes. Though we offer the whole show, often the above are the only ones rented, since much of the evening wear is readily available. We have no minimum rental requirement, order only what you need - it's fine with us!

Plot Synopsis

Takes place at a reunion of performers from various editions of the "Weismann Follies" before the theatre is torn down to make way for a parking lot. A white-haired, once golden-voiced tenor begins to sing and here they come - those "beautiful girls". And the former Follies girls descend the staircase - no longer so beautiful or so young, Against this backdrop two unhappily married couples make a last frantic attempt to relive their pasts so that they may cope with the present. Throughout the evening there are Follies numbers that are at once thrilling and eerie as the aging performers mingle with their younger selves.. Finally, the derelict stage blossoms into a true Folllies' production, exposing the follies of youth, love and life. It is through this magnificent musical sequence that the two couples realize that they must leave the ghosts of their youths behind at the doomed theatre.