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Cherry Orchard Costume Rentals

A play set in 1903 Act I-May, II-July, III-August, IV-October - Russia, on Mme. Ranevskaya's estate
Anton Chekhov - adaptations available

1904, Moscow

experiences in Chekhov's own life and themes of cultural futility - both the futility of the aristocracy to maintain its status and the futility of the bourgeoisie to find meaning in life

Plot Synopsis

The Cherry Orchard is the story of a mortgage, with the grounds and beautiful trees of the proud landowners going for sale at a public auction to pay off their debts to the boorish son of a peasant who has risen in the world. Mme Ranevskaya's family departs to take up their lives anew, leaving the old and forgotten firs to die alone as the woodsmen's axes thud ironically against the cherished trees. (Samuel French, Inc)

Thanks and Credit

Production photos courtesy of the Pingry School, Martinsville, NJ