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Brigadoon Costume Rentals

A romantic dancing musical fable, set in 1746 Scotland: two days after the miracle in May of this year, and in 1946 New York.
Frederick Loewe, music - Alan Jay Lerner, lyrics & book


the works of James M. Barrie and Germelshausen, and a short story by Friedrich Gerstäcker

Tracy Notes About This Show

This is a magical journey with a lilting score filled with popular melodies that will have persons of a certain age happily humming along. Children will enjoy the pageantry and action and perhaps even the love story. There is a chase scene, a Sword Dance, a wedding and a funeral! The score cries out for bagpipes. We have constructed correctly built kilts of non-clan wool plaid fabric in groups that represent the different clans, with all the accouterments - sporran, tall socks with flashes, glengarry or tam shanter, plaidee. There's no other way to get the right movement int a kilt than to incorporate the requisite 8 - 12 yards of fabric in each one as we have. We also offer lovely, danceable dresses with matching plaidees for the ladies - our Showplot gives the specifics. We offer many SHOW SPECIFIC PROPS for this show, including the SWORD PAIRS, MERCHANDISE POLES for the marketplace, The BIBLE and DECLARATION; see our Showplot for all the details. There are wonderful backdrops available for Brigadoon from: http://cheneydesigns.com/drops/DropRental_1.html

Design Elements

imaginary village in Scotland enveloped in fog when revealed each sword dancer has two swords chase scene through the forest accurately reproduced Scottish clothing a bar in New York City


authentic Scottish garb & accent bagpiper sword dance

Plot Synopsis

Tommy and Jeff, two Americans, walking on a Scottish heath, come upon the ancient village of Brigadoon. Tommy falls under the charm of Fiona, who has Mr Lundie reveal to him the "miracle" that the inhabitants awaken only one day every hundred years. This spell has kept them all in harmony, but will be broken for all the villagers if one of them ever leaves. This almost happens when lovesick Harry Beaton tries to escape but comes to an accidental death instead. Tommy reluctantly agrees to return to NY with Jeff; then persuades Jeff to return to Scotland to convince them it was only a dream. When they get there, Tommy's love is so strong that the village is briefly revealed and Jeff watches Tommy enter Brigadoon to stay with Fiona, his true love, forever.

Popular Musical Numbers

  • Almost Like Being in Love
  • The Heather on the Hill
  • There but for You Go I
  • Come to Me, Bend to Me
  • My Mother's Wedding Day
  • I'll Go Home with Bonnie Jean
  • Waitin' for My Dearie


  • Fiona MacLaren - Andrew's older daughter, loves Tommy
  • Jean MacLaren - Andrew's younger daughter, marries Charlie
  • Meg Brockie - flirty milkmaid, fancies Jeff
  • Tommy Albright - an American engaged to Jane, loves Fiona
  • Jeff Douglas - an American fancies Meg
  • Archie Beaton - Harry's Dad a Scotsman
  • Harry Beaton - Archie's son, loves Jean
  • Mr. Lundie - the schoolmaster
  • Charlie Dalrymple - marries Jean
  • Jane Ashton - engaged to Tommy in NY
  • Andrew MacLaren
  • Frank - the NY bartender
  • Angus McGuffie
  • Sandy Dean
  • townsfolk of Brigadoon, may include children
  • Thanks and Credit

    thanks to the Hampton Playhouse, Hampton, NH