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Annie Warbucks Costume Rentals

A book musical comedy with children, sequel to the musical ANNIE, begins where that musical ends on Christmas 1933
Charles Strouse, music - Martin Charnin, lyrics - Thomas Meehan, book


Little Orphan Annie comic strip by Harold Gray, by permission of Tribune Media Services, Inc.

Tracy Notes About This Show

A four foot diameter PRESIDENTIAL SEAL is available to augment your set, and all the costumes.

Plot Synopsis

A rip-roaring adventure which ranges from Fifth Avenue mansions to a sharecropper's farm in Tennessee, "Annie Warbucks" is a search for a mother for the scrappy redhead. When Child Welfare Commissioner Harriet Doyle insists that Annie, although properly adopted, also needs a mother, Warbucks begins a whirlwind search for a fitting mate, ignoring the one woman, Grace, who can make Annie and him truly happy. Annie finally runs away in despair and Grace leaves Warbucks to work for FDR, and the plot thickens as the real plot begins to boil: a very nasty conspiracy between Doyle and her disguised daughter to trap Warbucks into matrimony and then polish him off for his fortune. All is happily resolved and Annie, Sandy, Warbucks and Grace are reunited as a true family by musical's end.