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About Weapons on the Stage

on Monday, 07 June 2010. Posted in Show Resources

And where to get them...

There are some Do' and Do Not's when it comes to weapons and combat items on the stage. Learn more by clicking the title above.

TRACY THEATRE ORIGINALS is not responsible for and incident or injury which may occur during the rental of any items

If you rent our weapons and use them for any level of combat, they will likely break or become damaged, and you will be charges full replacement value.

If you plan to include stage combat in your production, we strongly recommend that you obtain the services of a qualified stage combat instructor and appropriate weapons, and are pleased to refer you to: J&M Special Effects or call them at 718-875-0140 ask for Jeff - he’ll advise you

Please note, we are not affiliated with J & M, except to refer to them as an excellent source for the stage weapons that we do not offer.