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Custom Bunny CostumeCustom Elvis CostumeCustom Beer Bottle CostumeCustom Pizza Costume...mmm





Inquire how our experts in stitching, tailoring, millinery and "critter" creation can create or modify anything from your personal apparrel to a creature from your wildest imagining.

We have created special characters that can perform on skiis like the beer bottle, elephants and a dinosaur that breakdown and pack in a suitcase for touring, and special characters like our slice of pizza with interchangeable toppings. Our Peter Rabbit hosts a tea party every year on his birthday and our Elvis is embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Celestina Serpantina™ is a 33 foot long sea serpent who educates people about recycling. Her canopy and head are covered in felt made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. She requires 8 handlers when parading for her cause, and can be shortened to two handlers when making visits to smaller groups. She can wink and blow bubbles, and carries recycling literature in her canopy pockets.

Let us create your muse. Contact to begin the conversation.