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Mame Costume Rentals

An epic book musical spanning 1928 - 1946 at 3 Beekman Place, New York City and other locations
Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, book - Jerry Herman, music and lyrics


Patrick Dennis' novel and the play "Auntie Mame" by Lawrence and Lee

Tracy Notes About This Show

Our wardrobe for this show was old and we have gotten rid of much of it. We would welcome a rental as the perfect reason to rebuild. Please give us plenty of time!


The passage of time, changes of location, and everyone growing up or older are the major hurdles of this wonderful musical

Plot Synopsis

Firmly believing that "life is a banquet and most poor SOBs are starving to death", Mame Dennis brings up her orphaned nephew Patrick in an aggressively permissive atmosphere as she urges him to live life to the fullest. Financially devastated by the stock market crash, she lands a part in a musical comedy starring her bosom buddy, Vera Charles, and then recoups her fortunes by marrying Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside III. Even Beau's untimely death cannot deter Mame, and her final triumph is steering Patrick out of the clutches of a birdbrained snob and into the arms of a more appropriate mate.